Embedded electronics project manager

Embedded electronics project manager

Embedded electronics project manager

Florent, graduated from ENSEA engineering school, had an impeccable track record at ELSYS Design: first as a hardware design intern, then as a board engineer, he’s now an embedded electronics project manager with responsibility of a dedicated design center. He shares with us his profession.

How to become an embedded electronics project manager

Florent, can you introduce the path which led you to your position of embedded electronics project manager?

I graduated from ENSEA (National Superior School of Electronics and its Applications), a generalist engineering school which prepares to electronics, software, telecommunications and embedded systems professions.

I made my end-of-studies internship at ELSYS Design and was hired just after it ends as a board engineer. Next, I started to work on a turn-key mode from our design center in the Ile-de-France region for embedded electronics systems in the aerospace and transport sectors. Then, I conducted missions on a consulting mode at two major clients’ places who evolve in aeronautics and defence sectors.

Since the end of last year, with almost 5 years of experience, I achieved my goal and I became an embedded electronics project manager within our design center in the Ile-de-France region.

Embedded electronics project manager roles

What is exactly an embedded electronics project manager?

I handle the planning and charges management, the deadlines respect, the management of the teams who work on different projects and the communication with the client.

What do you like about your job?

Precisely, I like the interactions with the customers, as well as the project management as a whole: we manage FPGA design planning along with those related to the embedded software development, at the same time we operate at a technical level – for instance we connect the specifications, or we make schematics reviews. Finally, if necessary, we may give advice to some engineers in the team. It’s a complete profession.

How did your previous experiences have prepared you to this new position?

I had seen projects as a whole with different clients. Moreover, after 3 years of experience, I had the responsibility of product engineer with one of them, which led me to be the interface between different professions (electronics, software and mechanics). This was very useful.

What is the main difficulty in your profession as an embedded electronics project manager?

To work under pressure, I would say. As the main interface with the client, the stress of results is particularly strong. If there is a problem, this is my role to give some explanation.

Is it necessary to have a technical background to become an embedded electronics project manager?

In my opinion, yes: this way, you will be able to estimate more precisely the time needed in the tasks accomplishment.

Moreover, the understanding of the complete embedded electronics system facilitates stepping back which helps good decision-making.

Embedded electronics project manager at ELSYS Design

You made your complete career path at ELSYS Design. What can you tell us about your experience?

It was always nice to work at ELSYS Design, as well at the client place as at our design center. It’s a friendly company, even a family, with a good atmosphere. I like it very much.

ELSYS Design employment site

ELSYS Design is hiring embedded electronics project managers. You can check out our employment opportunities on our jobs board, but also submit a spontaneous application.

Many thanks to Florent for his testimonial!