Initially, it was the Moon race, now the target is Mars. Solar system exploration, astronauts who become heroes (Thomas Pesquet!): the space makes us dream.

But, beyond the stars conquest, having the control of space ensures the defense and the security of a territory, and allows the providing of useful services to the people (telecom, GPS…). It also participates to the understanding of the environmental issues (climate change, deforestation…) and to the development of scientific knowledge (the origins of the universe, fundamental physics…).

Embedded systems with perfectly traced requirements

The embedded systems are truly the technological heart of equipments, thus they are subject to high reliability objectives in order to minimize potential malfunctions risks.

Requirements as defined in the specifications must therefore be perfectly organized, managed and traced. Indeed, once the satellite is in orbit, well…

Embedded systems design and development for the space industry

For nearly 20 years, ELSYS Design has been assisting major players of the space industry in their embedded systems design projects.

Our invervention modes include consulting / work packages / dedicated development center, in all electronics, software and system areas.

We extend this offer to mechanical engineering thanks to our sister-company MECAGINE.

Then, thanks to our other sister-company AViSTO, we are able to develop new digital apps in a large range of areas such as: connectivity, Big Data, artificial intelligence or cyber security.


Some project references:

  • FPGA and ASIC design, on different target
  • Electronics board design, including power electronics
  • Embedded software development
  • Test benches
  • Assembly, integration and tests
  • Flight software
  • HMI
  • Failures detection system through machine learning


Note to job applicants:

The space industry makes you dream? At ELSYS Design, we offer a mix of technical expertise, exciting projects, innovation, prestigious clients, space methodologies and proximity management provided by engineers. In short, our company is the ideal place to develop your skills, in a friendly work environment.

Do not hesitate to check out our job opportunities or to submit a spontaneous application!