Internet of Things

Definition of the Internet of Things

The meaning behind the Internet of Things is that almost everything can become a communication node. This way, the IoT networks link together everyday objects (from connecting textile to cars), machines and people thanks to embedded systems. At ELSYS Design, our mission is to design these systems.

Related challenges

Regarding to electronics and software areas, the IoT did not involve a true revolution but instead an evolution of the systems which set up new or existing technologies.


Connected objects are “traditional” embedded systems in the sense that they are autonomous, sometimes real-time and specialized in a specific task. However, they are particularly constrained considering their resources: we are looking for optimizing them in terms of consumption, footprint and Bill of Materials in order to reduce the global cost.


During the 2017 Sigfox World IoT Expo for example, the Toulouse company CEO announced the creation of a unidirectional component with a manufacturing cost of 0.20$ per unit.

The ELSYS Design Added Value

ELSYS Design has been imagining and designing leading-edge electronic systems and software in constrained environments for nearly 20 years.
We are combining technical skills and a global system vision which allows us to propose highly optimized designs and developments for connected objects. For example, our expertise in low-level software layers is a key asset enabling to limit the global node consumption.


Moreover, thanks to our sister company MECAGINE, we can assist our clients in their problems resolution linked to mechanical engineering (casing design, structural calculation, thermal simulation,…).


Lastly, in addition to our ability to design connected objects, we propose a complementary offer in order to help our clients exploit the collected data. Data scientists and business intelligence engineers at AViSTO (our other sister-company) have technical and functional expertise enabling them to give value to raw data.

Some project references

  • Design of a high-end connected plug for home automation applications.
  • Lead of a connected suitcase project (electronics and embedded software) and development of the associated mobile application.


Note to job applicants:

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