Consumer Electronics

Every year in Las Vegas (Consumer Electronics Show) or in Berlin (IFA’s consumer electronics show), high-tech brands present their new products and announce their next launches. There are countless new TVs, connected accessories, audio systems … and the associated services! This market is continuously driven by innovation.

Increasing technical constraints to integrate into ever shorter development cycles

At the technical level, all these equipments include numerous state-of-the-art technologies. Engineers must take into account:

  • The diversity of the transmitted information (audio, video etc.) in different formats, while respecting the characteristics of the platforms (responsive design)
  • The permanent evolution of the transmission modes and the multiplication of communication protocols, with increasingly demanding QoS (quality of service) constraints
  • The appearance of other protocols to ensure the perfect interoperability between the different networked devices (DLNA, UPnP …)
  • The complexity of audio and video compression, as well as Digital Right Management (DRM) systems
  • All the new features being created, especially around artificial intelligence


Additional technical constraints appear regularly and must be integrated harmoniously into development cycles that are becoming shorter and shorter.

Design of Consumer Electronics Hardware and Software Systems

For nearly 20 years, ELSYS Design has been assisting solution providers in the design and development of custom-built electronic and software systems integrated into the equipments.

Our intervention modes include technical assistance / work packages / dedicated design centers, in strict respect of the development cycles of our customers.

We are extending this offer to mechanical engineering thanks to our sister company MECAGINE.

Finally, with our other sister company AViSTO, we are also able to develop new digital applications, for example in the areas of connectivity, big data, artificial intelligence or cyber security.


Some project references:

  • Implementation of audio and video watermarking algorithms
  • H.264 codec implementation and optimization over a DSP
  • Multimedia IP streaming (FEC encoding / decoding, FPGA design
  • HD video acquisition unit (board & FPGA design, embedded Linux & V4L2, HMI)
  • Software development of iPad & iPhone Objective C based video conference systems
  • Video surveillance inside trains (embedded Linux software development, CPU Atom, PowerPC)


Message to job applicants:
At ELSYS Design, we offer a cocktail combining technical expertise, exciting projects, innovation, prestigious customers and local management provided by engineers. In short, our company is the ideal place to build-up skills, in a positive work environment.

Do not hesitate to check out our job offers or to submit a spontaneous application!