National defence is a key sector of the economy ; in France this sector employs over 300 000 people (including indirect jobs), for a total turnover of 15 billion Euros. Source: DGA.


Within this sector, R & D and technological innovation are essential, especially to create ever more efficient electronic systems. These electronic systems can be found in conventional and deterrent weapons, in intelligence systems, in surveillance systems, in reconnaissance systems and finally in space programs.

Challenges for defense systems

Defense systems need to interact in an ever more connected and collaborative world. For example, ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) applications are increasingly used to support strategic and tactical missions.

In an ever more complex geopolitical context, defense systems are still under constant pressure to lower their overall cost of ownership for the military forces.

Design and development of embedded systems for defense

Specialized in the design of embedded systems for critical and severe environments, ELSYS Design is a strategic partner of major defense groups as well as SMEs in the same sector.
We offer them a flexible and complete offer combining technical assistance, work packages and dedicated design centers in secure premises.

Our duly certified and qualified engineers are involved in all aspects of hardware and software design.


Hardware design:

  • Architecture of calculators
  • Analog, power electronics
  • Processor boards, digital,
  • FPGA and ASIC design


Software development:

  • Real-time system
  • Embedded software
  • Image processing
  • Digital signal processing
  • Application software
  • Telecom software
  • Networks


We are extending this offer to mechanical engineering thanks to our sister company MECAGINE (eg: design of hardened environment box, thermal simulation, structural calculation …).

Finally, with our other sister company AViSTO, we are able to design new digital applications, for example in the areas of connectivity, big data, artificial intelligence or cyber security.

Some project references in the Defense and Security area:

  • Jet fighters (gyroscope, calculators, inertial platform, alignment to the sea, seeker…)
  • FELIN Infantryman (rangefinder camera, sights, IR binoculars, interfaces…)
  • Inertial navigation and guidance (jet fighters, transport aircraft, helicopters, strategic & tactical missiles, surface ships and submarines, land vehicles…)
  • Radars, optronics (electronic warfare, jamming, identification, signal and image processing…)


Message to job applicants:
At ELSYS Design, we offer a cocktail combining technical expertise, exciting projects, innovation, prestigious customers and local management provided by engineers. In short, our company is the ideal place to build up your skills, in a friendly work environment.

Feel free to check our job offers or to apply spontaneously!