Electronic and software systems, put at the service of the health, bring a real progress in the care of the patients. They facilitate the early diagnosis of infections (MRI scan, scanner …) or make some interventions less heavy (surgical robots …). They are also used in the context of disease prevention or follow-up; eventually, they can probably even replace vital organs (eg artificial heart).

Medical Electronic and software systems criticality

The electronic and software systems used in the medical field are not all critical, as they do not systematically bring into play the lives of patients.

However, we must be able to guarantee their reliability and their safety in a broad sense.
For example, poorly calibrated devices can irreversibly damage the patient cells. We must also be able to effectively protect equipment against potential cyber attacks etc.
The potential risks that must be taken into account are numerous.

Design and development of electronic and software systems in the medical field

ELSYS Design has repeatedly demonstrated its expertise in the field of design and development of electronic and software systems for the medical field.
We can take care of complete projects including electronic, firmware, software and mechanical components; or perform expertise or consulting assignments in technical assistance mode.


We carry out our ISO 9001v2015 development cycles in strict compliance with the medical standards that apply to our customers’ products, for example software-based EN 62304.

Finally, with our other sister company AViSTO, we have complementary skills in software, for example in the field of machine learning (massive data mining) and cyber-security.

Some project references:

  • FPGA design for image processing after acquisition
  • Design of a new generation of MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) system
  • 3D application development of post processing scanner images
  • Development of a complete medical equipment (electronic, firmware, software, mechanics)


Message to job applicants:

Do you want to work in the field of electronics and embedded software for the medical industry? At ELSYS Design, we offer a cocktail combining technical expertise, exciting projects, innovation, prestigious clients and local management provided by engineers. In short, our company is the ideal place to build-up your skills, in a friendly work environment.

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