IC Layout Services

About our IC Layout Services

Since 15+ years, we have provided high-end Intregrated Circuit layout services (also known as IC mask layout design), as part of our wider chip design services.


Our engineering teams work with all major Integrated Device Manufacturer (IDM) and foundries, with wide IC technology expertise in bulk CMOS, BCD, SOI and FinFET technologies, process nodes from 500 nm down to 5 nm.


Our added value lies in our large experience in all areas of IC layout and in our deep understanding of layout effects on analog design and IC production process.


We have 10 design centers in France and Serbia (ELSYS Eastern Europe) and a branch in the Silicon Valley (ELSYS America).

We can take on your IC layout projects from our Belgrade ASIC design house offer through different modes (work packages, consultancy, dedicated design center, nearshore).


Are you looking for an engineering services company to assist you in your IC layout project? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Integrated Circuit Layout Services

Our analog IC layout services enable the physical design of the circuit so as to minimize the effects of technological process imperfections, provide the required circuit functionality, and fulfil the factory criteria.


We work on all levels of custom IC layout from parameterized (p-cell) and standard cells, IO and ESD cells to block level, module and top – chip level layout.

Layout planned and developed as IP or full ASIC design

Physical verification (DRC, LVS, ERC, antenna, density, EM, DFM…)

IC layout parasitics extraction and its physical analysis and control

IC layout methodology implementation and development

Basic IC layout training courses

External analog and digital IP modules integration and physical verification on chip

Digital layout including floorplanning, P&R, physical verification, non-constrained

Integrated Circuit Layout Methodologies

In order to produce a reliable integrated circuit with a high level of yield during fabrication and to obtain characteristics similar to those after the design and simulation of the system, it is necessary to have quality approach to the physical design.


The quality of analog integrated circuits largely depends on the physical design and production process.


This dependence is difficult to model and simulate in the early stages of development, so the layout of analog circuits is designed with full custom methodology where a layout engineer has absolute control over the position of each component on the chip and each connection.

Industries we already serve

We have helped leading customers bring their IC products to the market in the following industries:




Consumer Electronics/Multimedia


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Our name, ELSYS (Electronic Systems) Design says it all: we are an international hardware and software engineering services company with a unique offer combining:


20 years' experience in the design of electronic systems

Quality and Confidentiality

Management System complying with ISO-9001, ISO-14001 & ISO-27001 standards


Building long term partnerships with our customers

Technical DNA

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More than engineers, we are passionate people


To target excellence, passion is a pre-requisite

ELSYS Design, Where Passion Leads to Excellence.

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