Analog Mixed-Signal Verification Services

About our Analog Mixed Sigal (AMS) Verification Services

Our Analog Mixed-Signal verification services  focus on verification of the analog/mixed-signal part of the chip, ensuring that every analog module, their mutual connections as well as connections to the digital core are working and verified properly.


For digital design verification services, you can browse our dedicated page.


We have 10 design centers in France and Serbia (ELSYS Eastern Europe) and a branch in the Silicon Valley (ELSYS America).

We can take on your AMS verification project through different modes (work packages, consultancy, dedicated design center, nearshore).


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AMS Verification Fields

We provide AMS verification services in the the following areas:

  • Analog IP verification
  • Analog modeling (Verilog-AMS, wreal, EEnet)
    • SoC’s internal analog modules
    • External – test-bench analog modules (e.g. antenna)
    • Model “calibration” – functional test against the schematic
  • Full top-level verification in both UVM and direct methodologies
  • Power aware, GLS simulations
  • Stress testing, performance analysis
  • Fault injection
  • AMS simulation speed-up (by adapting models or analog simulator settings)

AMS Verification Process

We typically follow these steps in our analog mixed signal verification projects:

  • Project management and planning
  • Verification tools setup
  • Functional spec assessment
  • Verification Metrics, verification plan and test plans definition
  • Verification environment architecture definition, development and maintenance
  • Test suite development and debug
  • Regression runs

Industries we already serve

We have verified designs for leading players in the following industries:



Consumer Electronics/Multimedia



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