Energy and Industry

In 2002, during the Johannesburg Earth Summit, Jacques Chirac, at that time President of the French Republic, declared: “Our house burns and we look elsewhere.”


In 2016, the Paris agreement signed on the occasion of the Paris Climate Conference (COP21) marked a real international awareness. The main objective of this first universal agreement is to keep the increase in global temperature well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. The challenge is huge.

Electronic and software systems at the heart of the discussions

In addition to the necessary evolution of their energy mix in order to increase the share of “clean” energies (solar, wind, etc.), utilities must increase their investments in technologies to optimize the efficiency of their network. Here, we are talking about the smart grid.

At the industrial level, the players are obliged to invest in new technologies to move towards more connectivity, with ever more robotized production processes.

Electronic and software systems are at the heart of all these developments.

Design and development of electronic and software systems in the fields of energy and industry

For nearly 20 years, ELSYS Design has been supporting energy and industry players in the design and development of custom electronic and software systems. We specialize in electronics, embedded software, integration and testing. In addition, we are expanding our areas of expertise to mechanical engineering and application software development with our sister companies MECAGINE and AViSTO.


Some project references:
Nuclear energy:

  • Design of a digital acquisition board based on a FPGA
  • Design of full power racks with low noise and multi output voltages
  • Design of Labview based test benches



  • Design of ASICs for detection of self-powered induction current / voltage
  • Digital board design with 32bits core (STM32) managing the lighting/heating/air conditioning/power distribution functions economically
  • Design of magnetic sensors embedding pretreatment with CAN interface
  • Development of a low level application software for a RF remote controller (TÜV UL conformity)
  • Software development of a network simulator dedicated to the railway industry
  • Firmware design for modular and expandable industrial robots (STM32)
  • Development of a web portal (CMS windows) presenting business/jobs/technologies
  • Development of a java HMI for remote management and configuration of industrial equipment
  • Development of C / C ++ / Real Time embedded software with Coldfire core.


Message to job applicants:
Do you want to work in the areas of energy or industry? At ELSYS Design, we offer a cocktail combining technical expertise, exciting projects, innovation, prestigious customers, proven methodologies and proximity management by engineers. In short, with us, you will be able to build-up technical and methodological skills, in a friendly work environment.

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