Today, embedded electronics represents in average more than 40% of the vehicle value. This can be explained by the great number of functions that it can provide: ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems), engine management (ignition, injection…), transmission (clutch…), active security (ABS, ESP…) and passive security (airbag, parking aid…), comfort on board (navigation) etc.

This trend tends to grow with the developments tied to the electric and autonomous vehicle.

Related challenges

Dozens of calculators are now necessary in each vehicle. They continuously receive captors information, process data in real-time before they transfer their decisions to actuators which will adapt the system parameters.

For automotive suppliers, the challenge is to design 100% safe solutions which can adapt to each and every driving situation without the driver’s decisions, all the while providing the best on-board comfort for the passengers.

The ELSYS Design Added Value

ELSYS Design is an embedded system specialist who daily applies and adapts its expertise to the normative constrains of the automotive developments. The company assists its clients at every step of their projects:

  • Systems design
  • ASIC design (mainly front-end and middle-end)
  • Boards and calculators design
  • Embedded software development
  • Integration
  • Hardware and software validation


Moreover, thanks to its sister-companies which specialize in mechanical engineering and application software development, ELSYS Design is able to propose complete solutions that meet the embedded and not embedded challenges.

Some project references

  • Hardware and software IP design
  • SoC design on ARM processor (ELSYS is « ARM Approved Design Partner »)
  • Screen mirroring app (duplication of an Android mobile screen towards a dashboard)
  • Mixed board design for a head-up display system
  • HMI design for an autonomous vehicle
  • Hardware/software design of a Powerline Communication (PLC) video transmission system for a rear view application.


Note to job applicants:
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