What is our mission at ELSYS Design, in other words, our purpose? What is our vision, what we want to be? And what is our strategy to achieve this? We discuss these three essential topics in this page.

The name ELSYS Design

First of all, let’s start by talking about the name, “ELSYS Design”.

ELSYS Design is in fact the contraction of Electronic Systems Design.

At the end of the 90s, it was the name that naturally came to the minds of our founders, who are all electronic engineers, because it perfectly described the mission they wanted to assign to their company.


For several decades, intelligent systems have proliferated in all areas of industry and everyday life.

The heart of these systems is electronics and software. Their growing complexity has led to joint developments that require ever more sophisticated skills.

The mission of ELSYS Design is to imagine and design today the electronic and software systems of tomorrow, alongside major players in all sectors where they are used. Innovative, powerful, robust systems that bring real added value to their users.


The vision of our founders was to create ELSYS Design and build around it a group of specialized and complementary companies.

A group in permanent development, thanks to the new projects and the daily interactions between its various stakeholders.

A group which is a great place to work, consisting of companies in which the engineers thrive and continue to progress, serving their customers.

20 years later, ADVANS Group has become a reality. It is composed of 3 companies, their international subsidiaries, and a whole group of stakeholders with whom we have established partnerships (start-ups, solution providers, research institutes, laboratories, universities, etc.).

Thus, our engineers are placed at the heart of a rich, innovative, and exciting ecosystem, in which it is great to work, and whose pivotal link is the passion of its members for technology. Without passion, is it possible to strive for excellence?


Our sustainable competitive advantage is technical and technological expertise. Since the beginning, our strategy has been to make ELSYS Design a brand of excellence in the field of electronic and software technologies services.

Over the last two decades, we have established privileged partnerships with the largest French and international companies in our industry, to support them in their projects related to digital transformation.

We select the best engineers on technical and human criteria, position them on exciting projects and accompany them at all stages of their professional journey.

This way, our engineers enhance both their skills and business recognition acquired within ELSYS Design, a company known for its expertise and know-how, and recognized as a leader in the world of embedded systems.

In the same way, our customers get invested engineers ready to meet the most ambitious and complex challenges.

ELSYS Design, Where Passion Leads to Excellence.