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Power Electronics Engineer

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Responsibilities and Duties

The engineering profession in power electronics is potentially very broad: a device may contain several electronic cards that require, depending on the components they use, different levels of voltages and currents.

Nevertheless, generally, we can say that this hardware specialist:

  • Analyses specifications
  • Offers solution architectures to meet the needs
  • Performs electronic simulations on PC
  • Works on electronic designs (schematics), component sizing and theoretical analysis to study the worst cases scenarios and thus take into account all the potential stress experienced by the components (stress tests)
  • Creates schematics on CAD software
  • Follows the routing and placement
  • Sends the design to production, receives prototypes on which he runs test plans he wrote
  • Debugs electronic cards and delivers them

Become Power Electronics Engineer

Becoming an ELSYS Design power electronics engineer requires a 5 year engineering degree in electronics (in an engineering school or in university), and ideally at least one previous work experience in the power engineering field.

Required Skills

First of all, a power electronics engineer must master CAD tools (e.g. Spice, Saber) and schematic tools (e.g. Cadence, Mentor). He should know how to adapt to the product’s mechanics, which can sometimes involve changing it for space and heat issues.

Also, he must be aware of the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) standards and be familiar with the specifications of the electrical network that powers the card. He must have an electrical qualification (ELSYS Design delivers it to its engineers after a dedicated training).

Finally, being able to justify a professional experience in an embedded environment such as aeronautics, space, or military is a plus.

Power Electronics Engineer Salary

In the beginning of his career, depending on his academic accomplishments and the area where he works in France, an electronic power engineer can expect a salary between 33K€ and 36K€.

Power Electronics Engineer Jobs

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