Work Packages

Within our clusters dedicated to work packages / fixed price projects, the ELSYS Design teams are placed under the responsibility of the technical director. Reinforced by experts, they are supervised on a daily basis by experienced project managers who ensure the proper application of our ISO-certified methodologies.

What is a Work Package?

ELSYS Design proposes technical solutions and a budget estimate in response to the specifications describing the needs of its client.

This proposal is split into work packages, e.g. the units of work that make the more sense for the best global organization of the project.

To start a project, we need to agree on clear specifications and Statement of Work (SoW), so that our engineers can develop a product or perform tasks during an agreed time frame, costs and with limited support from the customer.

Once the proposal is accepted, ELSYS Design will implement it along with the associated ISO-9001 certified quality insurance plans.

Arrangements are of course possible depending on the specific needs of the customer (compliance with safety standards for example); ELSYS Design engineers can even be trained to follow the customer’s processes.

For each project, ELSYS Design ensures with its client that the proposed procedure is adapted to the expectations and the context, in order to guarantee a smooth development with no superfluous elements.

In consultancy mode, ELSYS Design has a means-driven engagement. In work package / flat rate mode, ELSYS Design has a result-driven engagement.

Work Packages based Organization

The ELSYS Design work package-based activity has its own structure made up of experts placed under the responsibility of the technical director and a business unit manager.

The complementary resources needed to complete the work are proposed by ELSYS Design regional agencies, like for a customer interested in consultancy intervention mode.

Work Package Project Management

Project management of the work package intervention mode / fixed price projects is based on two committees:

  • The project committee, in charge of operational monitoring of the progress of the project
  • The Steering Committee, in charge of contract, project and arbitration management

These two committees meet regularly; meeting minutes are providing which include the summary of the decisions taken and the detailed action plan that will be implemented by ELSYS Design project manager with his technical teams.

Lastly, throughout the project, different contractual reviews are planned (kick-off, technical verification, closing).