Analog Electronic Engineer

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Another possible name of the position is analog electronic design engineer.


Analog Electronic Engineer Job

The analog electronic engineer designs integrated circuits, electronic boards or equipment (antennas, sensors ...) dealing with analog signals.

On a daily basis, he/she takes part in the following tasks:

  • Analysis of the existing electronics,
  • Design, follow-up of realization and tests of partial models to validate electronic units and sub-units,
  • Technical discussions, sometimes in English, with the various interlocutors of the projects,
  • Animation of design and qualification reviews throughout development,
  • Design, follow-up and validation of the equipment required for acceptance and qualification tests,
  • Validation of performances and participation in the qualification,
  • Documentation of the project.

How to become analog electronic engineer

To become an analog electronic engineer, you must have a master degree in electronics, and ideally justify at least a first experience in the field of analog electronics, for example in a design office.

Analog Electronic Engineer Skills

The analog electronics engineer has many skills and uses specific tools:

  • Standard laboratory measuring instruments in analog electronics
  • OrCAD schematics entry, DxDesigner/Expedition
  • Simulation under OrCAD PSpice
  • Modeling under Mathcad

Analog Electronics Engineer Salary

At the start of a career in France, depending on his/her education and the region where he/she works, an analog electronics engineer can claim a salary between € 33K and € 36K.

Analog Electronic Engineer Jobs in France

ELSYS Design regularly recruits analog electronics engineers. You can view the offers on our jobs board.

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