Quality certification

The Quality Management System of ELSYS Design defines the set of processes implemented by the company and their respective interactions.

It formalizes the positioning of ELSYS Design in a global approach of continuous improvement, in order to provide the highest possible levels of satisfaction to its employees, customers and job applicants.

This Quality Management System has been designed to meet the requirements of ISO-9001: v2015 and EN-9100; it is audited every year.

Social Responsibility

In order to respond to the environmental, societal and ethical issues that have become paramount, we have engaged in a Corporate Social Responsibility (Social and Environmental) approach. This approach is emerging as a key to sustainable and shared growth.

The responsibility of a company being a key factor in its operation, the Social Responsibility approach is for us a permanent concern. It is integrated with the dynamics of continuous improvement of the processes of our company.

Since 2011, we have been a member of the Global Compact, an international initiative that brings together businesses, UN agencies, business people and community groups to support the universal principles in the areas of environment, ethics and labor rights.

Research Tax Credit Certification

ELSYS Design is active in R&D and Innovation; as such, it has a Research Tax Credit certification.

In addition to our internal activities, some of our projects for our clients can be partly recovered in the form of research tax credit. For more information, you can contact us.

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