Technical DNA

At ELSYS Design, technical culture is present everywhere:

  • The founders of the company are electronics engineers.
  • Business managers (in charge of business development, recruitment and career follow-up) are often former consultants. They also have graduated in electronics or software engineering.
  • The technical teams are composed of engineers.

We are proud of this technical DNA! But how does this differentiates us from other companies?

Expertise in embedded systems

At ELSYS Design, our mission is to imagine and design today the tomorrow's electronic and software systems, alongside major players in all sectors where they are used.

Our engineers are involved in the entire development cycle of complex systems, in many industries - aerospace, defense, energy, IoT, medical, semiconductor, transportation...

In this context, our technical DNA is precious. It allows us to fully understand the technical issues of the projects and to provide our customers with appropriate solutions in the context of precise and detailed exchanges.

Sense of listening

It's the same with our engineers: we know their jobs and are able to have technical dialogues with them (this is of course not the only topic of conversation!).

This is essential because we understand precisely their expectations: we are thus able to offer them the appropriate projects and to accompany them with relevance and kindness throughout their journey with us.


It is best to give the floor to our engineers. Here are some extracts, all the employee testimonials can be found on the dedicated page.

Pierre, electronic board design engineer:

  • "What I like about ELSYS Design is the human relationship we have, we are not in a company too big, where we risk being drowned in the mass. Another advantage, ELSYS Design is positioned as a specialist, there are many highly qualified engineers in almost all areas of electronic systems. "

Aurélie, embedded software engineer:

  • "Working at ELSYS Design makes it possible to carry out missions for several companies, SMEs as big groups. We discover different modes of operation. I find it interesting, especially at the beginning of a professional career."

Martial, embedded systems engineer:

  • "There is a great mix, with experienced profiles and younger engineers. For my first projects, I have often been in pairs with a senior engineer, it allowed me to progress more quickly."

Florent, electronics project manager:

  • "ELSYS Design is a friendly company, quite family-friendly, with a good atmosphere. I like it a lot."

Now, let’s talk about you, the perhaps future ELSYS Design engineer…

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