ASIC FPGA Verification Manager

Asic FPGA verification manager

ASIC FPGA Verification Manager

ASIC FPGA Verification Manager, what are the roles and missions? You will discover it reading this interview of an expert, who has been working nearly 20 years within leading international companies in the semiconductor field.

Become ASIC FPGA Verification Manager

Can you please present us your educational background?

I graduated in microelectronics, specializing in “re-use”. It’s a very important concept, which has been a common thread throughout my career; the idea is to code or check a code keeping in mind that it must be easily adapted to different projects.

And at the professional level?

I started working in Germany as a microelectronics engineer. I stayed there until the sale of microelectronics activities to a competitor, and I then joined a French entity of the latter, in Sophia Antipolis. This is where I went for verification, in Specman, top level part.

Later, I took responsibility for all the verification of a mobile product. We switched to SystemVerilog for the new parts, OVM and then UVM. I even took responsibility for the team, which was then composed of 6 engineers.

In 2012, following the takeover by Intel Mobile Communications, I became top lead verification manager for all Intel mobile products globally.

ASIC FPGA Verification Manager Role

Awesome! And what did your job consist of?

The design teams were located in Germany, France, China, India and the USA. I managed all the verification part: centralization of schedules, choice and implementation of product verification methodologies and certain innovations, formal verification, fault injection … in fact, with my team, we covered the whole spectrum of the verification for Intel’s mobile products. These components can be found in one of the world’s leading mobile phones.

Today, as an ASIC FPGA design verification manager, you manage a team of verification engineers, right?

That’s right. My main activities are management, task planning, definition of the verification strategy and monitoring of its implementation. I also act as an expert and interface with our clients.

Can we say you have gone to the other side of the fence?

Exactly! Before, I was the client and ELSYS Design the supplier; now, I’m talking to the client. My professional journey helps me understand his expectations, and I think I can bring him something from my experience.

What do you like about your job?

I like being responsible for a team. This involves finding the right tasks for everyone, understanding the different personalities, accompanying people in their individual development and that of the team. It’s exciting.

At the technical level, I like discovering new methodologies that will help improve the quality of a customer design. We look at the theory, transcribe it at the practical level to improve the design flow and thus obtain the highest possible level of quality for the new products.

Finally, can you tell us a few words about ELSYS Design?

At ELSYS Design, I appreciate being able to work in a team, and to participate in its constitution in connection with the business managers; we have very close relations.

The hierarchy is relatively flat, contrary to what I have known in the past; it is appreciable.

Finally, we have many customers in the field of semiconductors, so we always have interesting projects to do at the verification level!

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ELSYS Design recruits verification engineers, including in Nice Sophia Antipolis. The offers can be found on our jobs board, where you can also apply spontaneously.

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