On the occasion of ELSYS Eastern Europe's 20th anniversary, we organized a birthday party bringing together our 300+ Serbian engineers.

ELSYS Design Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of ELSYS Eastern Europe, its First International Subsidiary

In March 2004, ELSYS Eastern Europe (ELSYS EE) was founded, the first international subsidiary of the ADVANS Group. In March 22nd ADVANS Serbia, now composed of three entities (ELSYS EE, AViSTO EE, and MECAGINE EE), celebrated this milestone in Belgrade with an anniversary party gathering the more than 300 Serbian engineers of the group. Press Release.

Paris, May 14th, 2024 – ELSYS Design was created in September 2000 in Paris to “imagine and design tomorrow’s electronic systems”, the motto of the company. Four years later in 2004, 150 engineers had joined the company, and it was time to grow internationally.

The search for high-end engineering solutions at an optimized cost was indeed a repeated request from ELSYS Design clients, and India was an eldorado for many of its competitors. However, ELSYS Design decided to invest in Serbia, a country with excellent higher education, engineers’ technical skills, geographic and cultural proximity with France and cost-competitive wages.

ELSYS Eastern Europe operations started on March 8th, 2004 in Belgrade, and is today recognized worldwide as a trusted partner, especially in the semiconductor industry: ELSYS Eastern Europe has been partnering with 7 out of the 10 leading semiconductor companies.


After ELSYS Eastern Europe, AViSTO Eastern Europe was created in 2007. AViSTO EE is the subsidiary of AViSTO, the ADVANS Group entity specializing in software development.

Recently, in March 2024, ADVANS Group announced the creation of MECAGINE Eastern Europe, its entity specializing in mechanical design, and a subsidiary of the France-based MECAGINE.

Today, ADVANS Serbia gathers more than 300 engineers in 3 design centers: Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš. Its client portfolio gathers international key accounts from the USA and Europe.


Saša Kostić joined ELSYS Eastern Europe in 2004, he was the first employee of the company. As an electrical engineer, he started with engagements for several US-based clients, then grew to Regional Manager in 2011 and Regional Director of ADVANS Eastern Europe in 2014. He comments:

“We built a family-oriented group based on trust, good organization, and sharing similar values.

These foundations led to stability and trust, both for our employees and our clients.

I take great pride in the fact that this method is recognized by top-notch corporations in the world, with ELSYS and AViSTO Eastern Europe’s clients turning into long-term partners, thus maximizing our collaboration results.”

For Radomir Jovanovic, the founder and CEO of the ADVANS Group: “I would like to thank our Serbian employees for their loyalty and engagement.

And of course, our customers, for the trust they have shown us over the last 20 years.

We are so proud of the work accomplished together, and we wish to extend our strong partnerships to mechanical design activities through our new subsidiary MECAGINE Eastern Europe.”