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Real-Time Software Engineer

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The real-time software engineer designs and develops real-time embedded software. This has various dimensions.

First, the specification of a program and the preparation of its architecture according to the need expressed by the applicant. He / she then chooses the microcontroller or the microprocessor with which he / she will work according to a certain number of criteria (frequency of operation, available interfaces etc.). More generally, he / she will take into account the constraints of the embedded world (computing power, timings, memory size etc.), which are more restricted than in other areas.

Then, the coding part, during which he / she will implement what has been specified.

Finally, the validation part, which includes different types of tests:

  • Unit tests on a PC, to test the source code.
  • Functional tests with an electronic board where he / she may use an oscilloscope to check timings for example.
  • Integration tests where he / she will check the overall functioning of the system which can include several electronic boards, PC software, …

This profession can be exercised in many application areas – medical, industrial etc. -, in different working environments.

How to become a Real-Time software engineer

To become a Real-Time Software Engineer at ELSYS Design, you need to have an engineering degree or equivalent master degree in computer science.

Ideally, you need at least a first professional experience, which can be an internship, during which you have used a real-time operating system.

Required skills

The Real-Time Software Engineer must generally master the C language as well as a real-time OS (VxWorks, RTLinux, QNX) on target microcontroller.

Ideally, he / she has a good knowledge of hardware design.

He / she is also often required to interact with electronic boards.

He / she knows how to use tools:

  • Static source code analysis (CodeSonar, LDRA) to eliminate any errors.
  • Version Management (SVN), in order to have a traceability of the modifications made in the code and to allow several developers to work on the same files.
  • Measuring equipment such as an oscilloscope or a multimeter.

Technical English is often required.

Real-Time software engineer salary

The salary of a real-time software engineer depends on his educational background, his experience, or the region where he works. At the beginning of the career in France, this engineer can often expect a salary between 33K € and 36K €.

Real-Time software engineer job offers

ELSYS Design recruits real-time software engineers in France, in Paris, Rennes, Nantes, Grenoble, Lyon, Aix-en-Provence, Nice Sophia Antipolis and Toulouse.
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