Karlab – Automotive R&D

KARlab consists in creating an innovative system to introduce drivers to future interactions with the vehicles of tomorrow (autonomous, connected, ecological). It is also a way to upgrade the skills of ELSYS Design and AViSTO future engineers.

About KARLab

KARlab is a R & D project jointly led by ELSYS Design and AViSTO. It has been invested in equity since January 2018 in the ADVANS Lab of Sophia Antipolis and is part of a multi-year program of projects related to the automotive industry.

The vehicule of tomorrow

The vehicle of tomorrow, particularly innovative, will offer new driving interactions for users. Totally autonomous in the long term, it will also be able to communicate with its environment: we talk about V2X, or Vehicle-to-everything (infrastructure, network, other vehicle, pedestrian, device, grid …). In order to investigate the many related emerging technologies and prepare to support our customers in the automotive industry to meet future needs, we have developed an innovative karting platform…