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About ELSYS Design

ELSYS Design in an engineering company specializing in the design of electronic systems. ELSYS Design skills cover all the steps of hardware design, embedded software development and system design, from feasibility study to final validation of the complete system.

Choosing ELSYS Design as a partner is a guarantee to assign projects to high-level engineers, managed by business managers that understand both of their technical and commercial sides. They propose to their customers optimal solutions, selected among a flexible offer combining consultancy, turn-key projects and development centers, both in France and in Serbia nearshore area thanks to the subsidiary ELSYS Eastern Europe (EEE).

Both ELSYS Design and ELSYS Eastern Europe are ISO-9001:2008 certified.


ELSYS Design has gathered an engineering team made of specialists in all of the areas of electronic systems design:

  • Hardware and software architecture of boards and calculators
  • Power electronics, analog
  • ASIC, FPGA and IC design, with or without embedded cores
  • Development of embedded software
  • Development of real-time software
  • Test benches, integration

For more details, please visit the know-how page.